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U Beautiful Creation is excited to announce the new products we have available. Below you can see all of the products we currently have and learn more about each one. Sharing what we know and being part of the community and your life is very important to us, so we hope you enjoy our works and share them with your friends and family.

The Mysteries Revealed on Speaking in Tongues

The Mysteries Revealed on Speaking in Tongues is a book dedicated to educating the Body of Christ on the purpose of God’s supernatural language. Most of the time, people associate tongues with interpretation in a church setting for the use of prophecy, but tongues is a major asset in your personal prayer life and it was a command from Jesus Himself. Tongues is not your ticket to heaven—that comes only from Jesus, but tongues is the evidence of the Holy Spirit and a resource available to lead a successful and powerful life while here on earth. Tina unveils the mysteries of why we speak in tongues. These truths will help you get the victories in life that every believer needs and learn to rest in the Holy Spirit.

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A Princess Deserves Good Cheese

If you know you are of royalty and a rightful heir to the throne, you expect the best of the best, even if it is just cheese. Walk through a journey with Tina as the Lord confirmed through scripture He is okay with his children living and feasting on the good things. To the Lord, it is all about the relationship between Him and you. Are you all in?

In today's society, there are many church doctrines, rules, and laws that put the children of God in bondage and lack. The traditions of men can make the word of God of no effect, therefore turning one away from God because 'the word didn't work'. Trials and tribulations will always be at hand, but there is a way to overcome and learn to walk in freedom. One area many people struggle with is the tithe (giving 10% of your income). Are you cursed if you don't give 10%? Is the tithe before or after income? Or are we free from the tithe?

In this book, you will get set free from a religious mindset and begin to walk in a deeper relationship with God one on one. When you become royalty, you will never question if you can eat the good cheese.